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We help young people accelerate their careers. Our yearlong college alternative provides young adults from underestimated backgrounds with the skills, the habits, and the network necessary to launch rewarding careers in the tech sector.

Our graduates have launched financially beneficial, purpose-driven software engineering careers, with an average compensation of $103,500.


The Marcy Lab School is reimagining higher education and workforce development with one clear and critical mission: to create an alternative pathway to high-growth technology careers for young adults who have been underserved by our country’s higher education system.

We build the engineering expertise, critical thinking skills, leadership qualities, and the professional network our Fellows need to become their best selves, serve their communities, and thrive within an evolving tech sector.


Unwavering Discipline

Unwavering Discipline

We hold our fellows to a relentlessly high bar day in and day out. While they may experience failure, doubt, and fatigue, they will persist because they see where they want to go and are 100% committed to getting there. There is no turning back.

Tough Love

Tough Love

No matter the circumstances, every one of our fellows is worthy of love and hard work, and we push them to do the work of stepping into their power. They deserve every opportunity to realize success, wealth, and solutions for themselves and their communities.

Bold Ambition

Bold Ambition

Our fellows’ goals are audacious because they refuse to sell themselves short. They know the world needs their voices and vision, and they won’t stop until they make their impact. Unabashedly, they will build the future they deserve.

Ingenious Curiosity

Ingenious Curiosity

Our fellows are wildly talented and have a world of brilliance and potential to unlock. Their passion for innovation and figuring things out guides them in the right direction, leaving no stone unturned as they solve problems for a better future. When they get lost, curiosity brings them home.

Collective Responsibility

Collective Responsibility

Our fellows care deeply for each other, their networks, and their communities. They are responsible to these stakeholders as much as to themselves, in their daily work and in their future aspirations. They are in it together and carry this commitment to others wherever they go.

Program Overview

Our flagship program, the Software Engineering Fellowship, provides a direct pathway for young people of color from low socioeconomic backgrounds to employment as entry-level software engineers. Fellows learn not only to build full stack Javascript web applications, but how to innovate and solve real-world problems. With over 2,000 hours in the classroom followed by an immersive apprenticeship experience, we teach a level of depth that is unrivaled by our peers.

Software Engineering

We teach our fellows the most in-demand programming languages and frameworks of today, as well as the fundamental principles that they will carry with them throughout their careers.

Leadership Development

Our goal is to cultivate confidence. Our Leadership Development program pushes Fellows to understand their strengths, passions, and identities so that they know that they add value to whatever room they enter into.

Immersive Apprenticeship

Classroom-based training is followed by a three-month paid apprenticeship where Fellows apply their skills to complex problems as part of a real engineering team or by working on an open-source software project.

Career Fluency

We prepare our Fellows to communicate their strengths and values throughout the interview process and navigate the norms of communication and relationship building in a corporate setting. We are with them every step of the way in the hiring process.

Many post-secondary tech programs aren’t designed for young people that have a lot of challenging life circumstances. The Marcy Lab School differentiates itself by advancing a unique model that drives real career success for students of color.

Abby Marquand, Program Officer, Global Philanthropy, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Our Impact

We are so proud of our founding class of Marcy Lab School Fellows who have exceeded our greatest expectations and are on the path to fulfilling careers while simultaneously changing the face of the technology industry for future generations.

100% of our 2019-20 Fellows are from low-income, Black and/or Latinx backgrounds, and are first- or second-generation immigrants.

Our students earned an average compensation package of $103,500 plus healthcare and retirement benefits.


Marcy Lab Graduate Median Compensation 60 Days Post Graduation


City College of New York Median Mid-Career Salary


Average Salary of Entry-Level Software Engineer in NYC


City College of New York Graduate Median Salary

Impact on
the tech industry

Research demonstrates that companies with diverse staff reflective of the demographics of our broader society are more equitable, more creative, and ultimately more profitable.

Our program provides a highly skilled and diverse talent pipeline where other solutions fall short.


Percentage of US Pop.

1 Black: 13.4%
2 Hispanic: 16.7%
3 Rest of US Pop.: 69.9%

Source: US Census Bureau

1 23

Computing Jobs by Race/Ethnicity

1 Black: 5.5%
2 Hispanic: 6.8%
3 Rest of US Pop.: 87.7%

Source: US Census Bureau


Computing Jobs by Gender

1 Women: 26%
2 Other: 74%

Source: The Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings

Meet our graduates

We are thrilled to have graduated nine exceptional Fellows in our first cohort. In many ways they are our co-founders, as they truly engaged in this journey alongside us as we brought our idea to life. Through heartfelt dedication and candid feedback, they helped to build the Marcy Lab School into a special program for those who come after them.

Laisha Calalpa

Software Engineer, WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

Devonte Duncan

Software Engineer, WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

Enmanuel De La Nuez

Apprentice Software Engineer, Asana

Mark Griffith

Software Engineer, WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

Anne Hyacinthe

Associate Software Engineer,

Cielo Raymundo

Associate Software Engineer, The New York Times

Carmen Salas

Teaching Fellow, The Marcy Lab School

Stephanie Smith

Software Engineer, JP Morgan

Paul Sobers

Associate Software Engineer, Democracy Works

Our Financials

90% of all expenses go directly to developing and supporting our fellows.


Total Revenue

1 Grants: 80%
2 Individual Donations: 17%
3 Events: 3%


Total Expenses

1 Program Services: 90%
2 Management & Admin: 4%
3 Fundraising: 6%

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